…are we doing what we do?

Things have to be different to be good – but better.

The future can be shaped and many problems can be solved. We are convinced of that. This is what drives us. Clear thinking, creativity and commitment are the necessary ingredients.

The focus is on people and their needs. That’s why we need dialog and active listening. This understanding connects us and our clients. In this resonance, the best ideas and effective solutions emerge. Interdisciplinary and agile.

In a nutshell: We think strategy and we do it! This is how we earn our merits – hence, Meryts.


Regardless of whether it is a question of determining the current situation or setting the target picture – a precise understanding of the design area, the options for action and the assessment criteria is indispensable for successful action.

Precise analytics, conceptual thinking, and inventiveness in solving problems – that’s what we bring to the table. Both at the beginning of a journey and along the way.


Strategic corporate development requires a view beyond the end of one’s nose and clear goals. It is important to understand customer and market requirements, to think about innovations in an interdisciplinary and integrative way, and to keep an eye on feasibility. This is how product and service ideas become reality and technological potential is optimally exploited.

This requires close coordination across departmental boundaries and close cooperation between business and IT. We make sure of that.

We support CEOs, COOs, CTOs and other CxOs in the development and implementation of corporate strategies, business models and the corresponding operational organization and technological infrastructure.


Accompanying change processes is our passion: Whether it is a merger or joint venture, product and service innovation, transformation of the corporate culture, the operating model or the IT landscape.

Major changes harbor opportunities and risks. Successful navigation requires expertise, integrity and energy. That’s what sets us apart.

With a good eye for what is important and essential, we support our clients in keeping in mind the big picture, underpinning key decisions with in-depth analyses, conducting an appreciative dialogue about options for action, and communicating strategic decisions in a comprehensible and convincing manner.